Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Pale Horse, Death & Hell Followed With (A Lifetime Original Series) VOL 1: OFFICE

This past Saturday, January 24th, we performed VOLUME 1 of our  short form series presented as part of  The Ontological Hysteric Theater's Incubator Program at St. Marks Church.  Short Form (curated by Peter Ksander and Brendan Regimbal) is an interdisciplinary forum that gives artists from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to test the boundaries of compositional performance and refine their own unique form and style by creating a small repertoire of four ten-minute performances that are thematically connected, but independent pieces of art. We will be presenting three more short works over the course of the next five months (along with three other great groups) with a longer culmination in June. We're gracious to have this time to experiment and  look forward to our second short form piece, VOLUME 2: LOVE. 

Rehearsal photos below and thank you for all those who were involved!

A Pale Horse, Death & Hell Followed with ( A lifetime original Series)  VOLUME 1 OFFICE
Written and Directed by Leah Winkler and Teddy Nicholas
Production Assistant: Emily Baines
Costume Design by Katie Hannigan
Lighting Design by Oliver Brooks
Choreography by Mary Mailhot
Music and Sound by Melancholy Elephants
Design: Davison Robie and Nickolas Hartgrove
Musicians: J. Cody Arnholdt, trombone; Brian Grimm, cello; Allie Summers, violin
Adapted from "Rock and Roll Suicide" by David Bowie

Featuring: Ray Campbell, Katie Hannigan, Sean Kenealy, Mary Mailhot, Ike Ufomadu, Chase Voorhees and Abby Page