Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Girls Club at the Binge Festival

Between Teddy and I, ETG is constantly making proposals for theater festivals in and around NYC to get our work produced in front of an audience- such as yourself (Teddy's Untitled is still coming up at the HOT Festival at Dixon Place- don't forget!) Details are pending but we just received confirmation that Big Girls Club, a short play I am in the process of writing (and partially devising with Katie Hannigan) is going to be a part of Working Man's Clothes' Binge Festival this August. Big Girls Club will be an exploration of women's fetishism with unhealthy food as well as our simultaneous self-loathing, yet celebratory attitude toward our own gender. The piece centers around big girls Leah, Katie and Mary M. ( keeping in mind the term big girls refers to an attitude, not a size), on a single night, taking part in BGC (founded by Luke List) a commonly known universal event where women of all age groups binge on extremely unhealthy food in solidarity. While most people were partying this weekend, Chase, Katie and I (Mary M. is out of town on a dance retreat until late July) took some promo pics in my bathroom. We're all winners here. Above is Chase's rough cut of the final poster ( there is still missing text at the bottom regarding show dates and times) where our concept was to fill the tub with BGDs ( Big Girl's Delights). Here are also some photos of the preparation for the shoot:

Katie putting tape around the corners of the tub for the plastic
that will preserve the BGDs.

Chase sneaking a BGD in between shots ( we bought $14 worth of Little Debbies!)

Inception of the BGD tub!!!!

( I secretly don't really like sweets that much...)

Kudos to Chase and his neon colored illusions :-)

More to come on BGD as well as Untitled- a play!!!! Happy Monday!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Updates and News

Hi guys! Leah-here, and I'm very excited that our site is getting some traffic! We're still working on completing our site where you will soon see member profiles, video blogs, and more general information about our mission. ETG is currently working extremely hard rehearsing for Untitled- A Play, written and directed by Teddy Nicholas at Dixon Place schedule for ONE PERFORMANCE on JULY 9th. as part of the HOT Festival. Don't forget to get your tickets! In other news, my short play, Little Girls, is being produced by the Source Festival at CUDC in Washington, DC this weekend. Best of luck to the cast and Scott Fortier of the Catalyst Theater Company and if you happen to be in DC, get your tickets here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

untitled: a play

dear friends,

i have written a play and it is this:

with Tosaporn Sasitorn & Leah Winkler
sound design by Brendan Byrne

untitled is an original tri-lingual (english, japanese, thai) play about what it feels like when you are talking to someone and it sounds like you (or they) are speaking two completely different languages.

JULY 9th @ 8PM
258 Bowery, 2nd Floor
(part of the HOT! Festival)

PURCHASE TICKETS --> HERE or call (212) 219-0736 to reserve


Sunday, June 8, 2008

72hr. Film Fest at the Brick Theatre (Brooklyn, NY)

Here is our 10 minute movie that we had 72hrs. to complete from start to finish (but actually when you all work full time jobs, 72hrs. isn't as long as it seems). The film was required to include: an element of tragedy, someone looking through a hole, the line "ow my brain!",and an element of film (photography). Entries were limited to 10 mins. Our final product let's the audience in on some of the subtleties of our various personalities. The four group members who participated were Leah Winkler, Katie Hannigan, Oliver Brooks, and myself Chase Voorhees. Friend of the group Ben Geller filled in for all of the best parts.



Hello all, I just wanted to go ahead and get the posting started. I just finished setting up this Blog portion of the website and just for the sake of writing let me give you a little preview of what to expect from the ETG internet interface. ETG is working hard to develop an internet presence unlike that of any other multimedia group we know of. The website will be updated regularly with content ranging from video blogs, written blogs, to documentaries of our productions. We are a group that has a somewhat misleading name, while it suggests that we are only involved in theatre we also hope to produce a number of films and installations. I myself am a film director/editor.

What to expect...

1. Video Blogs,
2. Video Episodes (with multiple group members)
3. Documentaries
4. ETG store
5. Member Profiles
6. Ability to easily contact members.

Through this site you will be able to journey along with us as we create a theatre company for better or for worse. You will be able to become an Everywhere Groupie by donating to the group, so you can stake your claim in the creation of our productions.

More to come soon.



Hello world. We are the Everywhere Theatre Group.