Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hello all, I just wanted to go ahead and get the posting started. I just finished setting up this Blog portion of the website and just for the sake of writing let me give you a little preview of what to expect from the ETG internet interface. ETG is working hard to develop an internet presence unlike that of any other multimedia group we know of. The website will be updated regularly with content ranging from video blogs, written blogs, to documentaries of our productions. We are a group that has a somewhat misleading name, while it suggests that we are only involved in theatre we also hope to produce a number of films and installations. I myself am a film director/editor.

What to expect...

1. Video Blogs,
2. Video Episodes (with multiple group members)
3. Documentaries
4. ETG store
5. Member Profiles
6. Ability to easily contact members.

Through this site you will be able to journey along with us as we create a theatre company for better or for worse. You will be able to become an Everywhere Groupie by donating to the group, so you can stake your claim in the creation of our productions.

More to come soon.


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