Saturday, August 23, 2008

Binge Festival 2008

Last night we enjoyed our last performance of Big Girls Club at the Binge Festival. It was really great to direct Leah's work (and I can't wait to see what else she'll come up with, this isn't the end of BGC) and in the company of several other talented groups and performers.

I really enjoyed watching the other shows and performers, such as Delaney Britt Brewer's Dying of Consumption (which showcased the exuberant talents of Paul Fears and Vanessa Sparling). Dying featured a goth brother (Fears) and his wasted grunge sister (Sparling) who bond under odd circumstances.

Eric Sanders' Knife Party/Candle Party was a wicked little concoction involving three different couples who are seduced by a candle/knife saleswoman to the point of self-evisceration. I didn't catch the name of the woman who played the saleswoman but she really left an impression, what with her deadpan delivery of some bizarre lines.

Minerva's Muscles by Bekah Brunsetter was definitely an audience favorite. This little heartwarmer set in the depression featured an almost-Olympian shot-putter (Erin McCarson) whose spirits are lifted by a diminutive happy-go-lucky man (Dane Peterson). We definitely loved Minerva (a spirited and true Big Girl if ever there was).

And William Meny's Turning turned out to be the longest piece of the festival (I believe). Six different couples alternately take turns making terrible decisions in love, including one-night stands, cheating, gay sex, and stalking. Justin Swain did a terrific job juggling the various characters (some of whom seemed to appear out of nowhere) and finding the different notes within the play. ETG really wanted to see his adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' The Corn Maiden (part of the Fringe) but we unfortunately missed it. Sorry Justin! We'll be keeping our eye out for Justin's next endeavor (as should you, reader).

Oddly enough, Tommy Smith's The Break-Up was also in the Binge Festival. I say oddly enough because I was the Stage Manager for the original production of the play at The Flea (directed by Sherri Kronfeld featuring The Bats). Watching this different version, under the reins of Jake Witlen, I had the most insane sensation of deja-vous. I think they even used the same knife as the Flea show did!

Overall, ETG would like to thank Cole Wimpee and the rest of the Workingman's Clothes Productions Company for inviting us to participate in the Binge Festival! It was definitely fun and exciting.