Thursday, August 21, 2008

Virtual Love

It wasn't that long ago that facebook was just a University thing. Back in the day ( say ummm less than four years ago) it was just a tool that our generation started exclusively for ourselves. Of course, facebook has spiraled out of control ( predictably) into a multi-million dollar world networking site that anyone can join at anytime. It's so common now that even avant- garde downtown theater artists are using it!!! I say- the more the merrier! At first I thought the increasing use of facebook, youtube, myspace and blogger by older artists was a tactic reach out to a younger crowd- but I think they are just as addicted as we are. But hey, if that means I can be virtual friends with Anne Bogart- that's fine with me.
Other online goodies that caught my eye this week:

And of course-go check out ETG's Youtube Channel
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