Monday, August 11, 2008


The Olympics play in the background and I think about our culture. Last night, during the NBC interview, Bush said that he is proud that America is participating in the Olympics this year. He is proud because sports represent peace. How come it takes sports to signify this when there is a war going on? It is signifying peace, which is good enough, right? Olympics signify. Sports signify. Is there something wrong with this? It is irritating, even though I can't seem to stop watching them. The athletes' talent is intoxicating. What they do amazes and excites me. For me, there is a tension here. Why can't art be as accessible? How come sports to our country enables peace, when art can do the same? Today I guess I just have questions. To our world and country athlete's are the hero's......."AND MICHAEL PHELPS SETS A WORLD RECORD!!!!"

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