Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As the curtains close on adolescent dreams.

Today I was thinking of the many different ways in which I could make Big Girls Club into a short film. Flashy, colorful, distorted, horrific. This thought process occurred to me when I was at work screening an awful Spanish language film. As of late I find it harder and harder to balance all of the work in my life. Yet when I see the work that others have done I never think, "oh I could never do that." It's not as if my dreams are unattainable, it's merely a question of what my actual dreams are. Part of myself wants to create work that offers an escape for an audience, a spectacle, a show, not unlike the circus of yesteryear, something that will give ordinary people an escape from the trials and untimely boredom of life. An oasis in the sun. However the other part of myself wants to create work that exposes the untimely boredom and trials of life, and finds subtle beauty in them, beauty in the simplest of things. Returning home after a day at work and staring at an empty room. Calling your mother thanking her for her prayers even though you don't attend church. Or, standing at the crossroads of life and realizing that fate maybe doesn't exist, but you're still along for the ride.

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Ben said...

awwww....don't cry emo chase!